Contract Requirements

Steps to Becoming Our Partner

Contractors are a vital partner in the successful achievement of Freeport-McMoRan Oil& Gas' goals. Our objective is to develop long and strong relationships with each contractor and to prosper together.

A contractual relationship with FMO&G is by sponsorship only. Our team identifies a need and a company to help us fulfill that need. A FMO&G sponsor then requests our Contract Administration group process a contract with the company.

The Contract Administration group contacts the requested company to provide a draft agreement and to obtain a set of documents for review and approval. Documents pertaining to payment, insurance, and EHS performance are in this request.

EHS Contract Requirements

To ensure that Contractors are capable of effectively managing the safety, health and environmental requirements of proposed work/projects in accordance with our objectives, all Contractors will undergo a qualification evaluation prior to beginning work at any Company site and also be a member of ISNetworld (EH&S may exempt some low risk Contractors from ISN requirements).

In addition, Contractors will be held accountable for the safety performance of their Subcontractors.  Subcontractors must also meet the requirements of this plan and undergo a performance evaluation and also be a member of ISNetworld.  The performance of the Subcontractors will be reflected in the Contractor's post performance evaluation.


Contractor EHS Management Plan

Freeport-McMoRan TQ Matrix-March 2016

This is the FM O&G Training Matrix for offshore contractors working on FM O&G facilities.  On the first page, it lists the requirements for all personnel working offshore.  On the second page, it lists additional requirements for personnel who will be carrying out specific functions on our platforms.  While not required for personnel who work on our onshore facilities, training in these topics is highly recommended.